Barnacle Geese have Arrived on Islay

The first large group of around 11,000 Barnacle Geese have arrived on Islay in the last few days. This afternoon I've witnessed many of the geese arriving at Loch Gruinart where they finally could rest after their journey from Greenland and Iceland. The big flock of around 40,000 is about to arrive in the next days. This is good news for the birdwatchers, the arrival of the geese provides a magnificent spectacle of nature not to be missed when you're on Islay. On the other hand it is bad news for the farmers, after all the geese feed themselves on the very grass that the sheep and cattle on Islay need in spring to survive. The damage done by the geese last winter was already huge and expectations are that it will be equally bad, or even worse, this year. Talks are being held to do something about this problem for the farmers so stay tuned for updates. In the meanwhile please enjoy the first pictures of the geese taken yesterday and today.

Geese arriving at Loch Gruinart

Barnacle Geese feeding at Loch Gruinart

Barnacle Geese at Loch Indaal near Bridgend

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Wildlife on Islay Video

Islay has wildlife in abundance, no matter where you look there is always something to discover, Buzzards in the sky, song birds in the trees, Oystercatchers on the shore, Hares and Geese on the fields, Red Deer on the hills, Choughs on the rocks, Otters and Seals in the seas etc. etc. I could go on and fill up a lengthy blog page with all the wildlife you can see on the island. An alternative is to show you a nice video featuring some of Islay's most famous wildlife: thousands of Barnacle Geese with some beautiful close-up shots. Besides Geese you can see other wildlife as well. This is one of the better Islay wildlife video's I've seen so enjoy!

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A Beautiful Islay Geese Video

After a few days of silence, things are improving healthwise for all fortunately, I have every good reason to start blogging again. By chance I found an incredibly beautiful video of the Barnacle Geese on Islay preparing to roost. The video is from Mark Unworth of Islay Studios and the most remarkable feature in this video are not so much the geese but more the amazing light conditions, the sunset and the swans in the foreground. It's a stunning video which you will enjoy a lot!

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