McDougall's of Ardbeg

My great great grandfather was a Dugald McDougall 1802-1856 who worked as a cowherd at the farm of Areignambeist by Ardbeg. He was married to Anne McDougall 1820-1893 at Kildaton Parish church on 05/06/1836. It is through their daughter Annabella McDougall 1855-1923 that I am descended.

When Anne McDougall was widowed in 1856 she later married a Duncan McArthur. It was I believe the McDougall family that owned the farm at Areignambeist and later went on to found the legal distillery at Ardbeg about the 1820's and also develope the village of Ardbeg. This after an extensive period previously of a croft distilling industry to perfect the recipe.

I already know much of the family history from Annabella to the present day but very little about her sibblings, parents and grandparents. Can anybody help me who may be related to this Ardbeg family of McDougall's?


Help me find John McVorran

I live in Trinidad, west indies, and am trying to compile the genealogy of my husband's family. His grandfather was one John Duncan McVorran who came to trinidad toward the end of 1800 to take up a job here at the "Red House" where parliament met and where records were kept. Unfortunately this Red House burned down in 1903 and all records were lost in the fire. I have been trying to find out where he came from and everything on the Internet points to Islay. Somepody posted a Black Book from an estate on Islay with comments about the people who worked there and I can see a few McVorrans there in the 1700s and 1800s, but no "modern" McVorrans. Are there any left ? Somebody suggested that the McVorrans took on the name of Morrison. There are modern McVorrans living in the USA, Canada and trinidad, all related. I still would like to make the Islay connection. I need help in tracking the McVorrans of Islay down. my e-mail address is and my name is Ilka Hilton-Clarke ( nee Warnars)