Video: Seals on Islay

A nice video today of Islay's south coast showing seals, 27 in total according to the description on Youtube, in the waters surrounding the Kildalton Estate. The author of the video earlier published two time lapse videos from the Dower House, also on the Kildalton Estate. As a side note, in earlier days the Dower House was a Hotel, I believe in the 1970s and 1980s and perhaps earlier as well. There is a reference to the Dower House Hotel in an article here and a nice wee story on the Islay list. Enjoy!

Direct link to video on Youtube

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Two New Islay Videos on Vimeo

It's a somewhat quiet time here on the blog with less entries these last weeks than usual but it's by no means boring at Islay Info residence, just busy living life. Behind the scenes I've been working on a few new projects lately such as the Photo Blog, the Jura Photo Blog and this week the new Islay Event Calendar which has now over 250 events. These new sites have been well received and already see hundreds of daily visitors. Also interesting to mention is a recent update of the Islay Info Android App that includes more news-feeds and has now been installed more than 1,000 times. But all this was not the reason of today's post. I'm not such a regular visitor of video sites but when I do I tend to head for Vimeo rather than Youtube. I like the layout of the Vimeo website, the size of the video player and the, often, high quality video's you'll find there. Today I have found two interesting video's, the first one about Bruichladdich Distillery, which has limited embedding options so I advice you to watch it on Vimeo. The second video, below, is a five-minute whisky tour of Islay with a focus on Lagavulin and Laphroaig. Enjoy!

Scotland 2013 - Isle of Islay Whisky Tour

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Video: The Time Team on Islay

Years ago I watched the Time Team frequently and also saw the episode from Islay on television. Now I believe I might have seen this video before online, or even posted it here on my blog, but I'm not sure. Anyway, today a new version popped up on Youtube. I'm not sure if and how long the video will stay there simply because I don't think the person who uploaded these videos holds the copyright. But for now most of us can enjoy this very interesting 45 minutes of video.

"The Time Team have just three days to investigate a site in the remote Western Isles of Scotland. On Islay, home to some or the finest malt whiskies, the team join a dig that is running out of time. Battling against the elements they try to crack the mysteries of the Lord of the Isles - where were these 13th Century Kings crowned and how did they live?" Enjoy!

Direct link to video on Youtube

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Row Me Home To Islay

Islay Tune' ('Row Me Home To Islay') performed by the Isle of Islay Pipe Band to images of the island and of the band performing at competitions on the mainland and local events at home. Enjoy!

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