Views from Bunnahabhain Road on Islay

I've probably mentioned this a few times before and I don't mind saying it again, the road between Persabus and Bunnahabhain is one of the nicest roads on Islay. At dawn you can see the sun rising from behind the Paps of Jura, in spring and summer that is. It's a lovely road to cycle, walk or drive on and there are several points where you can stop and admire the ever changing views. At the end of the road you can visit Bunnahabhain Distillery and taste a nice dram, which is by the way one of the favourites of the locals. The views are rewarding irrespective of the weather, and wildlife such as buzzards, pheasants, roe deer, partridge and song birds are often easy to spot and if you're lucky you can see golden eagles. Below are a few views from this quiet and winding road which is best to be enjoyed on foot.

Looking at Heatherhouse, Donald Fletcher's Cattle and Paps of Jura


My favourite Tree

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Aerial View of Port Charlotte Islay

An Islay fan, in possession of a Cessna 182, sent me stunning aerial views of the villages and other landmarks on the island. I was thrilled to bits with them and will happily share them here on the blog and elsewhere soon. The first one shows the beautiful village of Port Charlotte in great detail. Thanks very much to the kind sender!

Aerial view of Port Charlotte

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Dark Clouds over Bowmore Round Church

A picture of Bowmore Round Church taken moments before a rain shower. The light, especially late in the afternoon, is beautiful in this time of year as you can see in this picture. The rain shower that followed was nothing compared to the threatening clouds in the picture although we were just in time to find refuge with a friend.

Dark Clouds over Bowmore Round Church

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Port Ellen Panorama Picture from the Oa

During our last visit I've put my Canon 400mm tele zoomlens to the test. Standing on the Oa above Carraig Fhada I've zoomed in to the max and took around 10 images covering Port Ellen from the White Hart Hotel to the Ard. These images were then put together and the result is quite a stunning and very sharp panorama of Port Ellen. The image below is one of the images I used in the panorama. Needless to say that the full panorama reveals all the fine details of the entire village. You can click on the image below to access the panorama, please allow some time to download.

Click on the image to access the full Port Ellen Panorama

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