Bruichladdich going strong

Bruichladdich distillery has doubled its profits and become the fourth biggest selling malt in the important Russian Market. Maverick independent Islay distillery Bruichladdich saw profits rise 101% to £403,000 for 2005.

New Website for Bunnahabhain

Bunnahabhain Distillery has launched a new website following the repackaging of the brand last year and the introduction of two new aged additions - an 18 and a 25 year old. The theme of the new website is a "journey of discovery".

To visit the new website please click here

Is global warming affecting Islay?

As global warming makes the temperatures rise in some parts of the world it looks like Islay has got its fair share as well. According to a reliable source the temperatures were so high in the last week of May and beginning of June that everyone was walking around in shorts getting a tan. They even considered starting up coconut farming.. I wonder how the climate on Islay will look like in 50 years or so when global warming really sets off. One thing is sure though, it wont hurt the tourist industry on Islay.

The Chough on Islay

The chough, a rare type of crow found only in a few areas of Scotland, is to be added to the list of species given special protection in the area around Loch Gruinart on Islay. In late February, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) began formal consultations with local farmers and land managers on the Scottish Executive’s proposals to add chough to the list of species protected by the Gruinart Flats Special Protection Area (SPA).