Islay Travelogue 2006

It is warm, 25 degrees celsius, when we leave Rotterdam on the Hull ferry at wednesday 10th May 2006. We look forward to going back to Scotland and specially Islay, but first we stay in Rhu house, Tarbert Kintyre, for two nights. The journey to Kintyre is magnificent. We travel through Teesdale and Northumberland, which is lovely with picturesque villages and remote valleys. That was quite a contrast to the busy roads through Glasgow but we manage to be in Tarbert on time and enjoy the hospitality at Rhu House. On Friday we did Arran with the little ferry from Claonaig to Lochranza and then it is finally Saturday. We have breakfast with people from North Wales, a lovely elderly couple who stay on Islay as well when we are there. The weather is still great and looks promising for the coming week.

Islay Birding Tour 2006

One great thing about Islay is that it is big, and I don’t mean in size but in the variety and numerous possibilities it offers. This year was already our third trip to Islay but we felt we missed a lot of information, places, wildlife etc. Therefore a trip with Jeremy Hastings from Islay Birding was the thing that was high on our “todo” list for this year.

We booked Jeremy for Monday the 15th and exactly on time, 09.45 he picked us up at our cottage near Ballygrant.....Read more here

Bruichladdich going strong

Bruichladdich distillery has doubled its profits and become the fourth biggest selling malt in the important Russian Market. Maverick independent Islay distillery Bruichladdich saw profits rise 101% to £403,000 for 2005.

New Website for Bunnahabhain

Bunnahabhain Distillery has launched a new website following the repackaging of the brand last year and the introduction of two new aged additions - an 18 and a 25 year old. The theme of the new website is a "journey of discovery".

To visit the new website please click here