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By: jeanmarcd (offline)  Monday, 18 May 2009 (Read 7766 times)  

Do they transfer you to Glasgow airport by ferry and coach ?



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By: Coirebhreachan (offline)  Sunday, 21 June 2009  

I guess they do exactly the same as on all cancelled flights - transfer you to the next one.


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By: Avallone (offline)  Sunday, 21 June 2009  

And what if your cancelled flight was the last one that day? I guess they just re-book you to the first flight next day and offer you some accomodation. I hope nobody will experience this, just imagine, one day less on Islay... Eek!



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By: Susan Campbell (offline)  Monday, 22 June 2009  

There's no 'bad' weather in Islay, there's just changeable weather which sometimes causes delays for travellers...

If anybody really wants to check what would happen in case of a cancelled flight, maybe you can check the flybe.com website, as they now book the flights. Or you could phone Islay airport on 44 (0)1496 302022 and ask them what they offer passengers if a flight is cancelled.


Susan Campbell

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