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By: bgulien (offline)  Saturday, 12 April 2008 (Read 5371 times)  

Found a new book on Islay's history on Amazon.co.uk.
This will be out in Aug 2008. It can be pre-ordered


The title is: Islay: The Land of the Lordship

Islay was originally part of Dal Riata, the early kingdom of the Scots, but was then colonised by Scandinavian settlers in the middle of the ninth century. It was also the home of the MacDonalds who established the Lordship of the Isles during the Medieval Period. In the Gaelic world, their status was king-like and, at the height of their power in the 15th century, they mounted a challenge to the Stewart dynasty for control of Scotland. However, this book is not just about the great men. It also looks at the lesser folk, especially during the time of the Campbell lairds, from the early 17th century onwards.Archaeology combined with documentary research has helped to build up a picture of how the people of Islay lived, the way the land was farmed and the development of local industries, including the distilling of whisky. This book provides a comprehensive grounding in island history for visitors and locals alike, and, for the valuable details it gives on local families, will be particularly valued by genealogists and those tracing their roots to Islay.



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By: ron (offline)  Sunday, 13 April 2008  

Hi bgulien, thanks for sharing this with us. I did know the book was being published somewhere in the near future. Another good book to look out for, i'm always suprised to see how many books there are about Islay!

I think this book could fill some gaps here and there although I also think a lot of the content is available in Margaret Storries book Biography of an Island and the book from Ronald Williams The Lords of the Isles. Both books are excellent and Margaret Storries book is my personal favourite Big Grin



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By: omaha dellrod (offline)  Friday, 02 May 2008  

Might also check out "Peat,Smoke & Spirit" by Jeffries - It intersperses history of the island with discussion of all the distilleries - Fun book.


omaha dellrod

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By: bgulien (offline)  Friday, 02 May 2008  

That's one of the first books I bought when I began to get interested in Islay.
This is a must have guide.
Complete (up to 1994) with chapters about almost everything: History, shipwrecks, wildlife and of course whisky and their makers.



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