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By: ron (offline)  Monday, 14 January 2008 (Read 6720 times)  

If you're interested in Islay's wildlife and birds there is good news! Jeremy Hastings from Islaybirding will submit a weekly report, every Sunday night, with the highlights of Islay's wildlife and birds. Yesterday saw the first wildlife report and hopefully many will follow to keep you all up to date Big Grin

Maybe you have some contributions yourself? Of maybe you would like to see something included in the report? Let me know and we can discuss about it. Any suggestions are welcome, as usual Wink



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By: casmi (offline)  Monday, 14 January 2008  

I was thrilled when I read this! One of the best days we've ever spent on Islay was a day my husband and I spent on one of Jeremy's tours.

Aside from his fantastic knowledge of the area and the wildlife, he's just such a darned nice guy! Laughing Out Loud

As soon as we book our ferry and accommodation, our first act is to book with Jeremy.



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By: ron (offline)  Monday, 14 January 2008  

Quote by: casmi

Aside from his fantastic knowledge of the area and the wildlife, he's just such a darned nice guy! Laughing Out Loud

I totally agree with you! He really is a great character and is always so very compassionate and enthusiastic about Islay. A tour with Jeremy should be on everyone's itinerary. I'm really glad you liked the wildlife report and I will forward your comments to Jeremy, he will love that Big Grin



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By: yAnja (offline)  Tuesday, 29 April 2008  

...If you like animals, and obvious birds, you can't miss "Owl Tv "at http://www.realmalt.com/owl.html
It's funny Surprised! and interesting Wink follow a Barn Owl family life, day by day.
I added this link to my preferred, and every evening, when the more suitable occasion starts, it's possible to see a lot of movement, as tonight, when both male and female it's in the nest Big Grin ...
I post some pictures for friends here, hoping you take a look too Cool ...

I think this is the male (right?)

A not perfect position permits to see the plumage nearest, but unluckly not the color...

In this pic it's clearly visible both exemplar...

In this two picture the male (?) seems to inspect or move around in the nest.
It also visible the bracelet on the leg of owl.

I hope you spent sometimes with a "reality show" more educative than "Big Brother", and surely true, not fiction at all...

P.S.: Off Topic: Ron i get the Irfan View, and as you can see by my last posts i used it. It's really easy and funny to use.
Thanks a lot.

...Islay, Islay, and of course, ISLAY!


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By: ron (offline)  Thursday, 01 May 2008  

Great screenshots Rudy, thanks. I won't be able to see the Owls for a few days now, I am off to Islay this afternoon, back home on the 26th of May! I will however go to the Natural history trust for updates! All the best Wink



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