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By: tglover (offline)  Saturday, 09 June 2007 (Read 275996 times)  

New members can introduce themselves here to let other forum members know who you are and what your relationship with Islay is Smile



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By: ISLAYonSPEY (offline)  Sunday, 10 June 2007  

My name is René, a Fleming born in Oostende, Belgium and I live in the Whisky Capital of the World, Dufftown, where my wife and I have a B&B.
Having lived 16 years in South Africa before returning to Europe in the late '80's. I lived 16 years in Lancashire before moving up to Speyside where I met my new wife, Glo.
I am now on pension but enjoy the delights of Scotland (Malts). I am also a Director of Dufftown 2000 Ltd. who organises The Speyside Spring and Autumn Whisky Festivals. During the summer months you will find me at the Dufftown Whisky Museum where I'm instrumental in organising weekly Nosings & Tasting on Tuesday evenings. If I'm not there I 'm probably at home helping my wife with the B&B duties etc, else I play bowls, or walk, etc.
I was introduced to blended whisky in 1975 and it was only in the late 90's that I started to explore in malts from the smooth Speysiders to the robust but also gentle peated Islanders. But then ever since my 1st visit to Islay in 2001, I have loved Ardbeg. This has also given me the idea to create my own Ardbeg by marrying cask-strength bottlings for 10 months in a Port Cask which I now enjoy.
The Name; "Adultery" a 7yo Cask-Strength at 51.1%.

On another subject, totay is my 61st birthday and thanks to Islay, my Wife, Scotland and friends all over the globe (not necessary in that order) I FEEL FINE !!! Big Grin



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By: tglover (offline)  Sunday, 10 June 2007  

Hi René,

A warm welcome to the Islay forum. As you can see the forum actually started a few days ago and you are the first to make an introduction. In fact you beat me to it. I was planning to introduce myself as well to the new forum members but I guess that can wait. I myself have been to Dufftown once during my visit to the Speyside. A nice area of Scotland indeed and very rich with distilleries. I guess your first visit to Islay wasn't your last one? The island keeps drawing you back and personally I don't mind.

And congratulations with your birthday Big Grin Many happy returns

I look forward to seeing more posts from you and thanks for registering to the forum! Big Grin



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By: Bruce (offline)  Monday, 11 June 2007  

Hi René and Ron. Obviously for Ron there's no need for me to introduce myself, but for everyone else...

My name is Bruce and (as you can see from my location) I am a Fifer (born in Dunfermline) and currently live in West Lothian. Apart from about 7 years or so (when I stayed in Cumbria) I have lived all my life in Scotland. Among my hobbies are reading about, travelling around and photographing this wonderful country! A selection of the photos that I (along with my partner Linda) have taken can be seen on my site!

So far on our travels we have visited Islay once, but that was only for a couple of days and we also spent a few hours on Jura! Before I continue I will say that the latter island is the one I prefer... anywhere that deer outnumber humans in such proportions can only be a wonderful place - and their whisky is good too! Anyway, Islay is on our (extremely long) list of places to visit again and hopefully we'll get more than a day and a half Rolling Eyes

Anyway, before I bore you all I will finish off for now... and Ron, all the best for this forum - here's hoping its a great success! Wink

Islay... the gateway to JURA!


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By: TVAS (offline)  Tuesday, 12 June 2007  

Hi Ron, for the first time only a short notice. My pre name is Theo living in the south of the Netherlands and loving Islay spec. for the great whisky you have there. We will visit Islay next month. So be aware!

Theo Big Grin



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By: tglover (offline)  Tuesday, 12 June 2007  

Hi Theo,

A warm welcome on my behalf to the Islay Forum. It's interesting to see that a lot of people come to Islay the first time for the distilleries, and even so many people find out that Islay has so much more to offer. I hope you will have the same experience Theo. Islay is a magical place with lots of stunning scenery and of course the best distilleries in Scotland Big Grin

Do you already have a plan of what you are going to do on Islay? And how long will you stay? If you have more questions just drop them in the forum and I'm sure they will be answered.

Thanks for signing in and I look forward to seeing more posts from you. Big Grin



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By: tglover (offline)  Tuesday, 12 June 2007  

Hi Bruce, thanks for introducing yourself. I know I should have done the same already and take this opportunity to do so Smile

My name is Ron, I run the Islayinfo website and Islay Weblog and unfortunately I am not based on Islay (yet) but in the Netherlands. I think this requires some explanation Smile

Fifteen years ago I accompanied a friend a lot of times on his flower sale trips to the north of England, but we never came further than Morpeth, just passed NewCastle. I always fantasized how it would be further north but didn't try that until years later. Nine years ago a pal asked me to join a whisky nosing and tasting evening and there were six different whiskies to taste. The evening started off with a slideshow from Scotland and later the nosing and tasting started, with the last whisky being a Laphroaig. The sensation of that dram almost immediately made me aware of, and curious about, that little island called Islay. I signed in as a friend of Laphroaig, received the certificate of my square foot of land on Islay, and it was during my honeymoon in 2004 that I finally set foot on holy ground Cool

At that time I didn't know very much about Islay, except for the usual information people have when visiting the island for the first time and the information from a little booklet I have from the history of Laphroaig, which is very interesting reading material by the way.

We arrived on Islay on a Thursday, the weather was wonderful and we immediately fell in love with the island. We found out Islay was so much more than just an island with distilleries that we immediately decided to come back the next year. But what to do with all the pictures I took on Islay? Right, I started to build the Islayinfo.com website and that kept me occupied with the island in between our Islay trips. In 2005 we spent another week on Islay, in 2006 as well and this year we stayed for almost three weeks on God's own Isle. The more you get to know the island, the history and its people the better it becomes and now we are seriously considering moving to Islay if the right opportunity knocks on our door. In the meanwhile I will work on the Islayinfo website and weblog to stay in touch with people on Islay and other Islay enthusiasts, and to keep me focussed on my ultimate goal (or dream): move to islay permanently Big Grin




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By: Takeshi (offline)  Tuesday, 12 June 2007  

Hallo everybody here,

My name is Takeshi Mogi. I live in the western area of Tokyo Japan. I visited Islay four times since 1994. Islay malts are very popular in Japan and my reason to visit Islay was 'whisky' at the time. But now I visit the island to see my Islay friends.

My idea changed and I am now rather interested in Scottish culuture like music, languages, foods and others. So I play the bagpipes, speak a little Gaelic, cook a haggis and recite 'Address to a Haggis'.

The problem about Islay is the distance. The travel costs much and the 12 hours flight is tough. But I am going to visit in a few years.

Takeshi Big Grin



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