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By: ron (offline)  Thursday, 06 September 2007 (Read 4232 times)  

In this topic people can offer free seats in their car to and from Islay. If you are travelling to/from Islay and have one or more free seats in your car please post a message here and also state where you are travelling from/to, nearest city or perhaps your final destination. This will give people looking for a "free ride" the opportunity to respond to your post.

Please read the following topic for more information on Ride Sharing



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By: jeanmarcd (offline)  Saturday, 24 November 2007  

Hi, I'll make a tour to Scotland and especially Islay next year. I'll have 2 seats for ride share. 21st of April : Coquelles (Eurotunnel) to Dumfries 22st : Dumfries to Kingussie 25th : Kingussie to Acharacle (Ardnamurchan Peninsula) 27th : Acharacle to Islay (Port Ellen) 3rd of May : Islay (Port Ellen) to South 4th South to Paris If anybody is interested, please send me a message.



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