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By: creek (offline)  Friday, 27 May 2011 (Read 6432 times)  

Planning a trip to Islay in July. We are planning to do some hiking around the island. One of the trips I think about is going up to loch uigeadail.

Is there anyone here that have done that trip, and know what time and distance i should expect. We where also planing a short stop in Solam, so I guess the easiest way is to follow the 4x4 "road" for the Ardbeg maintenance people.

Is there any other places we should visit while we are on Islay.

And a second question, not Islay related.

How long will it take to drive from Stornoway to Tarbert. All I know is that its about 37 miles, but dont know anything about the road quality.



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By: Spirit of Islay (offline)  Monday, 30 May 2011  

Hi Creek ,
I've been up to Uigeadail but not via Solam .
The walk up to Solam is great , we done it in summer 2009 and there's a short report at http://islayvisits.net, look in the Summer 2009 report on the friday .
Earlier in the year i'd done Uigeadail with Mickey Heads , he took me the short way , past Loch Iarnan , across the peat bogs , over a deer fence and picking up the track higher up .
again there's a report on the same blog in the 2009 festival .
On the other walks front , i can recommend the walk around Ardnave point and the walk from Bunnahabhain to Rhubh a’ Mhail .
Bridgend Woods is always a nice fall back as well .

Our visits to the Hebridean Isle of Islay


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