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By: John C. (Spence) (offline)  Wednesday, 16 February 2011 (Read 12182 times)  

Give or take a day or two my wife and I will be in Islay / Colonsay around May 1, 2011.

My mothers ggrandfather Donald Spence moved from Lossit Farm where he worked at the distillery, taking his wife (Ann Hay Storrie / Storry), to Canada and settled
in Islay Ontario, just outside of Glenarm. The road sign there says Islay corners.

After about 10 years of marriage I found out my wife's McNeils moved from Colonsay to Canada. And a McNeil ran the distillery.

My youngest brother and his wife were visiting last night and my brother knew nothing of his Islay connection and his wife of 30 years says she has relatives
from Islay, Gilchrest. Weird or what?

So we are trying to arrange things around the 2 holidays for I was going to hire a car in Edinburgh and drive to Islay, visit Colonsay, and get to my Mother's
other family (Nicholsons) at Portree Skye.

Anyone with suggestions? I understand there is some sort of spring celebration on Colonsay, I need to figure some logistics. You cannot hire a car in Edinburgh on
Easter Monday, which I find odd. I suppose I'll find other oddities also.


John C. (Spence)

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By: tglover (offline)  Wednesday, 16 February 2011  

Hi John,

Welcome to the forum :-)

Perhaps you can be a bit more specific about the dates you will be inScotland and on Islay? Please be aware that if you want to visit Colonsay by car from Islay you can only do so on Wednesday's by ferry, weather permitting. And yes you are right, there is a spring festival on Colonsay early May :-)



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By: John C. (Spence) (offline)  Wednesday, 16 February 2011  

The only firm dates are Arrive London Heathrow 21 Apr, stay London through to Sunday, leave London on 25 Apr, with destinations of Islay, Colonsay, Skye and East Lothian.

I am planning on having my travel agent book a train to Scotland leaving 25 April from London.

The only planned date after 25 April is a return flight to Canada from Paris May 12.

My wife has a birthday on May 1.

I doubt I need to take a car to Colonsay, shanks mare may be aged but I'm determined. There is an option which would be a hotel on Colonsay with car, and on north to Skye via ferry, but I have not researched that in any depth, yet.


John C. (Spence)

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By: henri (offline)  Friday, 18 February 2011  

Hi John,

We visited Scotland in 2007 after making extensive and precise planning mainly to avoid delays, cost overuns, etc, once we arrived. After establishing your arrival & departure dates, you will need to plan all of your movements, methods of travel, overnight stays, special trips, ferry reservations, car reservations, to fit between arrival & departure dates. Find a car rental firm and make a deal online. Book all your ferry reservations online. Book all your b & b or hotel reservations on line. Your travel plans will include a day by day description of what you will be doing, all prepared in advance of your departure and all marked on a map. You can do all this without an agent if you allow the time and have the patience. This sounds like too much planning but you will be happy to have done so. If you do not make concrete plans, you should expect difficulties and wear and tear on an already tired body and mind as a result of loss of sleep which is a bugger for the first two or three days after arrival. If you plan to drive, learn how to drive on the "wrong" side of the road in a quiet neighourhood near you. This is serious business in heavy city traffic.

Oh, don't forget medical insurance.

Well, all the best.




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By: John C. (Spence) (offline)  Friday, 18 February 2011  


I plan to go into the second stage of planning after my pending Doctor's visit.

Once I get the go ahead from him I will move forward.

I imagine next Friday to be a busy one.


John C. (Spence)

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