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By: Spirit of Islay (offline)  Friday, 06 August 2010 (Read 7776 times)  

That new Kentraw B&B looks very nice , very "An Taigh Osda" but one question........
Why with 8 superb working distilleries on the Isle have they got a photo showing one of the Bedrooms with an Arran Malt on it ?
Oops !!!!:oops::oops::oops:

(Couldn't make out where the glasses were from though.....)

Our visits to the Hebridean Isle of Islay


Spirit of Islay

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By: ron (offline)  Friday, 06 August 2010  

And that remains a mystery I guess. I noticed it as well Wink

When Susan emails me I will ask her about it! And yes, the B&B looks really nice, a good addition for Islay and on a nice location too, there is a good chap living next door as well Big Grin



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By: ron (offline)  Saturday, 07 August 2010  

The owners of Kentraw Farmhouse were kind enough to contact me today and told me the story behind the Arran Whisky: Big Grin

The whisky is from Arran, it was purchased in 1995 by my mother and father when on a whisky trip/holiday. As Im sure you are now aware, my family and I own and run the Fisherman's Retreat restaurant in Lancashire where we have on offer around 500 single malts which we have built up over the 18 years we have been open, a good many of those being Islay malts.

Over the winter months (October to March) we hold whisky tastings which are very popular. For the Millennium we held two very special tastings, one of which was hosted by Jim McEwan, who worked for Bowmore at the time. Jim captivated us with his tales of Islay, the people and the whisky - as he does. So in a sense, Jim is more or less the reason for us being here.

Since that first meeting we have remained good friends with Jim and we heavily support Bruichladdich at the Fisherman's. In early 2007 I requested a sample of our Arran malt to check on its progress. On tasting it was clear it was not going to improve anymore but we wanted it to have more depth, both in colour and taste.

With one phone call to a man who would know what to do, the cask was on its way to Bruichladdich where it was enhanced in a Haut Brion cask and then bottled on the 17th of October 2007 by my father and brother (unfortunately I was on Holiday). I think a few tears were shed that day in the bottling hall, as sadly my mother passed away in 1999 due to cancer.

The whisky does, for us have a lot to do with Islay, so I thought it only fitting to have it in the photos, and i'm sure my mum would have loved Islay, its people and most definitely its whisky!



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