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By: creek (offline)  Monday, 02 August 2010 (Read 7597 times)  

My name is Clas and i just got back from 14 days in scotland, 3 of them where on Islay. And that was in my opinion the highlight of the tour.

We have already started to plan the next trip, this one will be at least one week on Islay. Hope to be there at the Feis Ile 2011 and experience it by my self.



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By: ron (offline)  Monday, 02 August 2010  

Hi Clas,

Glad to see the login works now and welcome to my wee Islay forum.

This is perhaps not the busiest forum in the world, in fact it's just as quiet as the island it concerns which is fine to me!

I'm glad to hear the Islay bug got you! When you really are planning on returning to Islay during the festival next year make sure to book accommodation really soon, otherwise you might end up without...

If there is anything you want to know just post it here, there is always someone to give you an answer Big Grin

Thanks again for signing up



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