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By: jeanmarcd (offline)  Saturday, 10 July 2010 (Read 11856 times)  

On the 1st of April, the Laddieblog announced the distillation of gin from an old recipe at Bruichladdich .

I was convinced it was an April fool .

French version of Whisky magazine announces it is going to be distilled in August this year.

So, who is right ?



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By: Anonymous: agrewe ()  Sunday, 18 July 2010  

I would think the whisky magazine. By then Ugly Betty should be fully operational (when I saw "her" in June it looked like they were still working on "her") and from what I understand distilling Gin is a good use for her.

Apart from the fact that Mark seems to like to announce those kind of things on April Fools day as nobody is going to believe them.

By: ron (offline)  Saturday, 31 July 2010  

Unless the Herald has been fooled as well I think it's safe to say that Bruichladdich is indeed planning in distilling gin using "Ugly Betty"

Check out the article in the Herald for more info: Link to article Mr. Green



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By: Anonymous: agrewe ()  Saturday, 31 July 2010  

Not only the Herald, pretty much everyone else. After all that whole project has been an open secret for a few days now: Bruichladdich Islay Gin in the Making? (see also the comments for updates)

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