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By: Anonymous: Ellen ()  Tuesday, 29 December 2009 (Read 5118 times)  

Hi, I am Ellen Sager. I am married to Heinz (a German) and have two children in the early thirties.

I live in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada which is about 7 hours west of Edmonton. If you look at an old atlas you will not find it because it was just created in 1982 as a coal mining town. I grew up in Ontario just north of Toronto and my mother and grandmother came from Islay. They were Isabella Johnston Greig Douglas and Betsy (Bessie) McEachern. Many of the McEacherns moved to the Mount Forest area just north of Toronto.

My husband and I visited Islay in 1990 when we visisted Scotland and attended a friends wedding in Pitlochery. My grandfather was a light keeper in Scotland and his last assignment was at McArthur's Head where he drowned in a boating accident when my mother was 9 months old.

I saw Conisby where the McEacherns grew up. We also stayed at a great bed and breakfast that was right across from the Baptist church and they took us to see it. It must be great to live in a place that doesn't have vandalism. We can never leave the church unlocked like in the old days. I have an obituary of a relative that the service was done by two ministers one of which was the Baptist minister so it was nice to see the church.

I was a teacher and am now retired. My hobbiies include photography and collecting postcards. I have many postcards from the early 1900s that were written by my relatives. I have one of McArthur's Head lighthouse that was made from a painting of the light keeper. I still collect ones that are written on but many now are ones that I purchase when I travel. I do a lot of knitting and join the Happy Hookers each week to catch up on all the news in Tumbler Ridge. We do projects and many people give us yarn for us to do items for charity. As well I do chemo caps and preemie outfits for hospitals.

I have two web sites and hope to do another which would be my own rather than the others which are of our Garden Club in Tumbler Ridge and Medical Travel Aid booklets I do. The latter are a collection of information to help persons who have to go for medical reasons to other centres. We only have family doctors in Tumbler Ridge so everything is elsewhere.

I also write a few articles for our local newspaper. One is regarding gardening since I am chair of the Garden Club. The other one is "Looking for Rose." This one is about genealogy and some how-tos. I have started a group interested in this. The reason it is "Looking for Rose" is because I have a postcard written by Rose to Uncle William in 1909 when she said she was going to teach in California.. I had quite a time finding how she was connected and then finding more information about her.

I am hoping to visit Islay again in the next year or so.

Have been getting Ron's newsletter for a while and the last pictures of the snow look beautiful.

In the winter we have been leaving the cold and snow of Tumbler Ridge for warmer climates - Palm Springs, California in the desert. My husband's 89-year old aunt needs help taking care of the house etc and in the meantime we get to enjoy no snow.

Well, from sunny California, greetings for the New Year. Ellen

By: ron (offline)  Tuesday, 29 December 2009  

Hi Ellen,

After our email exchange now a formal welcome in my wee Islay forum. I'm glad you found your way in here and please let me know if there is anything we can do to help. This is not one of the busiest forum's in Scotland but your questions will always be answered to the best of our knowledge.

Thanks for signing up and I'm glad you enjoy the blog Wink



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