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By: dale gillespie (offline)  Thursday, 08 October 2009 (Read 5634 times)  

By way of introduction, I am a fifth generation Canadian whose great great grandfather immigrated to Canada from Islay. Time period of immigration was about 1833 by our family's best guess and first land was obtained in Thorah Township near Beaverton. Our ancestors moved quite a bit, finally ending up in Mariposa (now Lutterworth) Township in Haliburton county.

I am really interested in geneology and have discovered quite a few cousins on line. One of these cousins, passed away a few years ago. He was Mac Gillespie of Windsor, Ontario. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but have one of his books.

My dream holiday would be to visit Islay one day. take care and warm regards,


dale gillespie

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By: Bruce (offline)  Friday, 09 October 2009  

Hi Dale and welcome to the Islay forum! Hopefully you will achieve your dream one day soon... Islay is definitely worth visiting at least once; more so if you have connections to the island! Of course you also need to visit Jura when you are over! Wink

Islay... the gateway to JURA!


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By: ron (offline)  Saturday, 10 October 2009  

Hi Dale,

Welcome to my wee Islay Forum. An interesting starting point for some research and extra information can be found on the Islay Genealogy page. Specially the last section is interesting, it contains information about the Islay List, an active bunch of likeminded people from which most of them are from Canada, Australia and the USA.

Enjoy the forum and feel free to post whatever you like, as long as it's Islay related Wink




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