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By: mcmahos (offline)  Friday, 03 July 2009 (Read 5076 times)  

Hi there

Been watching the blog for a while - great wee site for loads of information.

Coming to Islay in 2 weeks (18th July) for a week's stay at Coillabus Cottage. Been to Islay once before - about 12 years ago, and loved it. I do a lot of birding so looking forward to seeing the eagles and choughs again.

My father-in-law's grandfather and great-grandfather (I think) were from Islay and are buried somewhere in Kilnaughton cemetry so am going to try and track the graves down - my father-in-law is a Neil Campbell and his father was of the same name and was a master on the ferries.


Stuart McMahon



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By: tglover (offline)  Friday, 03 July 2009  

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the Islay Forum.

If you are into birding I can recommend a visit to Jeremy Hasting's website www.islaybirding.co.uk, he is a great wilderness guide and knows the right spots for Eagles and Choughs Big Grin

Enjoy your trip and thanks for signing up Wink



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