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By: Coirebhreachan (offline)  Saturday, 09 May 2009 (Read 3419 times)  

and counting down!

Islay must be even more popular this year. We tried to book our usual ferry 4 weeks ago (11 weeks before travel time) and it's fully booked. We've had to book for the 9.45 boat which means leaving home at 4.00am! the return ferry we usually get was also fully booked so we're getting the later one - that means staying on Islay for an extra SIX hours - oh the hardship!!!!!

The weather boffins are forecasting a good summer (we'll wait and see!) so hopefully the sun will shine on us.

Did I say seven weeks? Make that six weeks, six days and 20 hours!


And it's goodbye to care.......


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By: ron (offline)  Saturday, 09 May 2009  

Hi Irena, you are counting down the hours, fantastic!! Don't always trust the weather forecast but hey, summer on Islay is always good!! Big Grin



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