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By: Bruce (offline)  Monday, 16 February 2009 (Read 3636 times)  

This is for Ron and anyone else who runs a forum:

I recently suffered an increase in spam registrations on my own forum and while dealing with them I discovered the Stop Forum Spam site... personally I find it useful for checking whether an email address is from a known spammer and/or whether the IP address they register from is worth banning in its own right! Since I started using it, the number of spam registrations that had gone from 1-2 per month up to 10-20 per day is back at the 1-2 per month level!

Anyway, whether you are affected by spammers just now or not, this is definitely a resource that is worth checking out... after all, the more you can do to prevent them the better it is for you and your forum! Cool

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By: ron (online)  Monday, 16 February 2009  

Hi Bruce, this is a useful website. Every now and then I get strange registrations although not as much as I used to have when I used the other forum software. At least now I can check before sending out an email asking if their registration is genuine. Big Grin



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