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By: Diana (offline)  Tuesday, 22 July 2008 (Read 11305 times)  

noticed on the site that Islay House was for sale and also that the "community" wanted to buy it. This interests me as my g.grandmother was either christened there or the christening was registered there 14 Mar 1840, according to records I've seen. This is a beautiful place, and certainly SHOULD be owned by the isle of Islay if possible. Must be much history associated with this house.



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By: tglover (offline)  Monday, 18 August 2008  

Hi Diana, you are right about the history of Islay House. It would be great if this house would somehow come into the hands of the community. I haven't heard anything about it anymore though... About the history of Islay House: the following links have some bits of information:

Islay House on the Bridgend Page

The Campbells of Islay

And if you are really interested you should read Margaret Storries book Biography of an Island

Hope this helps Big Grin



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By: elaine (offline)  Thursday, 21 August 2008  

It seesm the best solution would be for Bruno Schroder to buy Islay House for the community. It would be a fitting gesture for someone of his wealth and standing. He can certainly afford it and he needs to become more charitable. Yes, I am giving a hint! There is the saying, "Charity begins at home." Islay has been a home to the Schroder family since the 1930's. So Bruno, be brave and giving. It is truly in your nature.



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By: Anonymous: agrewe ()  Thursday, 21 August 2008  

Quote by: elaine

He can certainly afford it and he needs to become more charitable. Yes, I am giving a hint! There is the saying, "Charity begins at home." Islay has been a home to the Schroder family since the 1930's. So Bruno, be brave and giving. It is truly in your nature.

Ahem, you might want to do a bit of research about the giving he has already done and all the things he has done for Islay.

Apart from the fact that even for him several million pound isn't something he won't just have left over in loose change. Keep in mind that not only the building would need to be purchased, it also needs substantial investment to be brought up to current standards and then maintained. Apart from the question what the community would do with the building as such. It is a listed building, which severely restricts what you can do with it.

By: elaine (offline)  Friday, 22 August 2008  

Armin, many thanks for your response. I know Bruno Schroder has already supported lots of things on Islay, but you are right in that I have not done the research. Maybe you would like to enlighten me! Nevertheless, I speak as one who has known him personally. He does not like to spend money, even though if he lost a few million pounds, it wouldn't change his life in the slightest. It is in fact loose change to him. You might want to check the Forbes Magazine website for their Billionaire List to see how wealthy he really is.

I am only raising the subject because it appears there was a campaign for a community buyout that has stalled, probably due to lack of funds. Mr. Schroder would possibly not have to put up all the funds if he chose to get involved. I am not sure what the Scottish Land Fund does, but maybe they could contribute. Just an idea to put forth for those that are interested in a community buyout to get creative and maybe put a proposal to him.

Here in Massachusetts, USA, where I am at present, there is a beautiful mansion house from the Crane Estate on the beach at Castle Hill in Ipswich. It was given to the Trustees of Reservations, one of the world's oldest land trusts, which is a bit like English Heritage. Weddings, receptions, events and now a summer day camp for kids are held there. You can read about it on Wikipedia. It is difficult to know what to do with these old mansions that few want to buy and maintain.



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By: Anonymous: agrewe ()  Friday, 22 August 2008  

In my books someone who donates more than half a million to the local lifeboat, supports the local economy through running the estate which directly and indirectly employs many people and probably many more things I'm not aware of is certainly contributing a lot.

Even if he (or better his family) are billionaires, that's paper money, the currency rich lists play with, not liquid cash. So even for a billionaire I suspect several million isn't loose change. May be I'm wrong there, but that's the way I look at these "rich lists".

In my estimate several million pounds are required to buy and run Islay House. It's not done with just buying it, there will be significant costs to refurbish it and then run it as an ongoing project. It won't help anyone if it is bought but then can't be maintained.

Some might say I'm negative and pessimistic, I call it realistic.

By: elaine (offline)  Friday, 22 August 2008  

Armin, of course I agree with you that to buy and run Islay House will cost several million pounds. You are not being negative and pessimistic, but rather realistic, as you rightly say. However, I still think Bruno Schroder could manage this with his loose change. His biggest asset on paper, Schroders plc, provides him with dividends for a start. Then, there are family trusts. He and his Scottish lawyers could easily create a trust. Believe me, he spends, or rather wastes, alot of money on English lawyers that should be going to a better cause Rolling Eyes .

My perspective may be biased because I am American and we have a history of philanthropy that, if I am not mistaken, coincidentally began with a wealthy Scottish American, Mr. Andrew Carnegie. For better or worse, we are not use to relying on the government to fund projects, besides a useless, painful and very expensive war in Iraq that most of us never wanted. More wasted funds.

But as I said before, Mr. Schroder and his family(?) do not have to be the sole funder, as I do not believe they were with the Islay lifeboat. Maybe the Scottish Land Fund could contribute and/or other wealthy people with an interest in Islay or Scotland generally. I am now off to Crane's Beach Cool , formerly part of the Crane Estate and will pass the beautiful mansion house on Castle Hill. Somehow they manage to keep it going and if you could see the lawn that needs to be mowed....



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