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By: sashabubble (offline)  Sunday, 02 November 2008  

As the Islay Hotel seems to have been forever derelict, I'm sure a few more years of building work wont matter too much Big Grin
At least something is being done. Keep up the good work Roland! Razz



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By: Spirit of Islay (offline)  Sunday, 02 November 2008  

Looking at that picture i think they may be struggling to get it open for the Festival .
Maybe even for the summer .
Anyone heard if anythings happened with the White Hart since the collapse of the last sale ?

Our visits to the Hebridean Isle of Islay


Spirit of Islay

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By: I_SPEY (offline)  Tuesday, 28 April 2009  

Hi, Im I_SPEY from Holland, who loves whiskies, certainly from Islay and I'm glad I've found you, so we'll meet again. Big Grin

I want it all and I want it now!!


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By: ron (online)  Tuesday, 28 April 2009  

Hi René, welcome to my wee Islay forum. Thanks for signing up and I look forward to any new posts Big Grin



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By: Weeboy (offline)  Tuesday, 01 June 2010  

Hello. I am a Renfrew boy, long domiciled in the south of England. It is only recently that I discovered that my great- grandmother was from Islay. This has led me to do some researching and I have now 'discovered' your lovely island. During the past 6 months I have immersed myself in the history of the island, its people and their lives in the past century to try and find out more about great-grannies past. Details are scarce, but I am looking forward to visiting the Islay Museum for more help. I am so looking forward to visiting the island from 20th June and I will be staying near Port Charlotte and doing a wee bit of hiking, weather permitting. Thank you for a most interesting, informative and entertaining website.



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By: ron (online)  Tuesday, 01 June 2010  

Hi Robert. First of all thanks for the kind words re the website and second of all welcome to my wee Islay forum. Feel free to post whatever you think is appropriate.

If you're interested in hiking/walking I can advice the new walks guide from the marketing group. It's a wee booklet with a lot of interesting walks, available from several shops on the island and the Tourist Information Office in Bowmore.

I wish you a great time on Islay Big Grin



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