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By: tglover (offline)  Friday, 24 May 2013  

Thanks Gordon,

I guess we have both convinced Thorsten that he'd better come to Islay instead of Arran. :-)

Speaking of driving to NewCastle..... On our return journey we stayed in a B& near Gifford, Haddington, and usually we take the A1 to drive down south the other day for the Hull ferry. This time we took the B6355 from Gifford to Duns and it was an amazing scenic drive. We even saw a snow hare! Then we continued over the a697 to Morpeth, had lunch in the Granby Inn in Longframlington http://www.thegranbyinn.co.uk/ (very good) and ended up near NewCastle. That was a very relaxed drive on a Sunday morning. Could be a nice one for you as well Gordon! :-)



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By: Thorsten (offline)  Friday, 24 May 2013  

Hi Ron, hi Gordon,

Yes – I am absolutely convinced! Thank you very much! My task is now, to convince my family. But that should not be a problem: I just need to show them the post and the photos on the blog.

So I will use my next short trip to Islay (hopefully next autumn or spring the latest!) for finding a nice cottage und arranging the reservation.
And: I will use the short trip again to greet Arran from above, when flying from GLA to ISY ;-).

Thanks a lot you both!



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By: Spirit of Islay (offline)  Saturday, 25 May 2013  

Hi Ron ,
Yes it's a very nice drive through that area , try via St Marys loch one time (Turn off for Moffat on the M74 ) , takes you through to the Scottish Borders on the A68 . Think i've had Lunch at that pub .

Just Remember Thorsten , The whiskies so much better on Islay..........

Our visits to the Hebridean Isle of Islay


Spirit of Islay

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