Yes Islay for an Independent Scotland

I've seldom witnessed such a huge media coverage of a political event in both the regular media as on Social Media. Today is the day that all people of Scotland, from the age of 16 up, can make history. Today they can vote for independence and the big question is, will they? The polls have shown that it will be a close call so the excitement is there. One thing is certain, tomorrow around this time we know if Scotland will become an independent country or if they will stay within the UK. The YES movement in Scotland and on Islay has been very active in the run up to the referendum so I asked Rachel MacNeill, a very passionate member of the YES ISLAY group and good friend, to write an article for the blog to explain what Yes Islay is all about and what a YES vote can mean for Islay.

Rachel MacNeill writes: "YES ISLAY is part of the grass roots movement supporting an Independent Scotland. These local groups sprang up spontaneously around Scotland in response to the union bias in the mainstream media, particularly from the BBC, and many of the newspapers. Of course, this is because these entities are owned by the very people who for years have been making money out of Scotland - and they don't want this to change. The YES groups are ordinary people wishing to present the facts of the #Indy Ref to others. Scotland is extremely capable of economic independence and self governance, but the mainstream media are hiding this knowledge from the general public. At least, in China and Russia people are aware their media is censored and manipulated! Continue reading....

The YES groups are organic and democratic. Anyone who wishes to contribute can be in a YES group. If you have a good idea, you step forward, discuss it with others, then organise the event. No one waits to be told what to do by someone else. People are positive and proactive. These YES groups reflect the CAN DO attitude of the Scottish people who want Scotland to be an Independent nation. There are YES groups all over the world. Scotland, in her desire for Independence, has great support from the peoples of the world and we thank you, each and everyone of you ~ a dram will be waiting for when next you visit.

Who would build a country on economics? One builds a country based on sound principles and values, the economy is shaped accordingly

The YES movement embraces life - Islay will benefit in an Independent Scotland because the people will know autonomy. This means they will be engaged with life on the island in connection to a wider consciousness of power. A YES vote means that the people of Islay - and of Scotland can chose what is best for us. We can decide to have an Islay council, if we so wish. This is the birth of a nation - the birth of a country. The ramifications of this are so powerful and far reaching it is hard for people to really grasp. To feel strong and have ones voice heard is an amazing thing. The personal is political, and the political is personal. This referendum will be won by the wit and wisdom of the Scottish populace. Thank the heaven's for social media - we have been able to share facts and issues at a grassroots level and inform people of the truth of situations as they arise. For us it is YES all the way - In the words of Scotland's Poet Laureate, Liz Lochhead. It’s not about economy, it’s about autonomy.

And in the words of myself: SCOTLAND, I LOVE YOU - I VOTE YES!"

More info on YES Islay can be found on Facebook and Wings over Scotland - The Wee Blue Book has facts one doesn't find in mainstream media. Another pro independence site is Google has created a landing page for everything related to the referendum here

Happy voting today!

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