Works in Port Ellen Islay - Ramsay Hall and Pier

Mark from Islay Studios sent me a couple of interesting pictures of works presently being carried out in Port Ellen. The severe storm in January caused quite a lot of roof damage to Ramsay Hall which is now being repaired by a builder hired by the council. Below you can see the current state of the works.

Repairs to the roof slates at Ramsay Hall in Port Ellen

Another work in progress is the extension of the pier in Port Ellen to be able to moor the Finlaggan Ferry which wasn't possible before. Port Ellen is currently closed for all ferry traffic and the planning is that the Calmac terminal will re-open somewhere around the start of the summer timetable end of March, although it's not sure if that date can be met. The shot of the pier below shows the shuttering in place and the digger on the end of the pier who is demolishing the old mooring dolphin. A new one will probably be put in place.

The pier in Port Ellen under construction

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Mark also sent me another beautiful and very unusual shot of Ramsay Hall's roof taken last summer.

An unusual picture of Ramsay Hall's Roof

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