Work in Progress at Ardbeg Distillery

Mark Unsworth, regular reporter for this blog and excellent Islay photographer from Islay Studios, sent me the following text and beautiful images (below) from engineering works at Ardbeg. Looks like Bruichladdich is not the only one to be working on the distillery installation. Pay attention to the beautiful blue sky in the image, Islay had a cracking day!

Mark: Following on from the activity at Bruichladdich, Ardbeg are having some engineering work done. The old tractor shed has been excavated out and re floored with new lighting to be installed. Today saw three bottling vats being installed into the building, through the roof. Part of the roof was removed to facilitate this, then with a heavy lift crane and some precision driving the vats were lowered inside. There was just 50mm available free space either side of the vats to the roof supports, so clearance was rather tight. Fortunately the Islay weather helped with it being a dry and windless day so all three vats were installed in under four hours. Tomorrow (Weds) sees the replacement of the still house condensors followed by a couple of weeks of re joining a lot of pipe work!

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