A Bad Blogging Witch on Islay

In disguise or not but there seems to be a bad witch on Islay and she writes about her Islay whereabouts on the Bad Witches Blog. A quote from last Tuesday and Wednesday:

Last night I went to a whisky tasting followed by a ceilidh. I do have a soft spot for a good peaty single malt, but back in London I probably wouldn't bother to go to an evening of traditional folk dancing. Here, the small village hall was packed with people - local and tourists, from children to the elderly - and everyone had a fantastic time. On Wednesday she writes after her trip to Finlaggan: "Getting into conversation with strangers here is easy though - everyone is friendly. It is the norm to smile and say hello to people you pass or when you go into a shop or bar. I have never found London to be quite as hostile as some people make out, but the friendliness here in Islay is something I will miss when I return home."

I don't know how long she will stay on Islay but it's interesting to read some live blogging, especially during the festival and even more from a witch ;-)

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