And the Winner is.....

You will probably remember the prize competition I ran a few weeks ago as a small celebration of the 500th post on the Islay Blog. In total 18 people joined the competition and I was rather surprised to see that only six of you guessed all the eleven differences. Most of you had nine or ten good answers and the hardest nut to crack for most of you was the stripe on Jeremy's cap, Jeremy is the guy right from Mr. Pink, changing colour from pink to white. By the way, Mr. Pink is also known as brian palmer from the Ileach

Brian palmer was responsible for the images and the picture top-right shows all the eleven correct answers. Now back to the six people who sent in the correct answers, they were: Mary Weston, Katherine Stocks, Rudy Gardin, Mirko Scheunemann, Glenn Derksen and Claudio Riva. This afternoon I wrote down six names on six different pieces of paper, folded them up, dropped them in a bowl and Manuela, my wife, drew one piece of paper from the bowl. Now before I reveal the winner I would like to thank everyone who joined this wee competition. Thanks also to Arra Fletcher from the Persabus Pottery for sponsoring this competition and to brian palmer for creating the pictures. Since it was such a success there will be a follow up in the (near) future. Now it's time to reveal the winner: Continue reading.....The winner of the 500th blog post prize competition is.....

Rudy Gardin from Italy!

Congratulations Rudy, you are the lucky winner of an original Persabus Pottery Islay Seal Jug, which is inspired by the famous Lords of the Isles. In the seal Somerled is depicted in a Birlinn galley, with his sons Dougald, Reginald and Ranald. The Latin inscription reads, Seal of Angus of Islay sons of Donald. Under the galley there are 9 waves, which are from the old Celtic legend that if you had 9 waves between you and your enemy he would never catch you. The galley also has a rudder, which Somerled was credited for designing, probably one of the first recorded to be used in the west coast of Scotland."

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Sunday, 06 April 2008
Congratulations Rudy!

Islay... the gateway to JURA!


Wednesday, 09 April 2008
ManyThanks Bruce! I hope the next time you will be more lucky!

...Islay, Islay and of course, ISLAY!