Wild Weather on Islay - A Wonderful Show of Nature

Teresa from Islay Wildscapes is still on Islay travelling all over the island and capturing the beauty of Islay in the winter. The last days have seen some really wild weather. It started with the snow a few days ago which is now almost completely gone and today was a particularly wild day with lots of wind and many (hail) showers. Following is a photo impression from a wild day on Islay with Teresa's comments:

This one is taken at Portnahaven this aternoon just before sunset. It was a tremendous swell on a westerly wind. The best I've ever seen at the Claddach/Portnahaven seas. A huge atlantic swell was coming in with squally hail and sleet showers. The waves were breaking well over the wave power station, over the top of the post on top of it !!

I sat in the bird hide today at lunchtime on the RSPB Loch Gruinart reserve. A massive hailstorm arrived. This was the view from the hide looking across the flats. There were several curlew, teal and wigeon on the flats sheltering in the rushes from the storm. You can see remnants of snow on the distant hills. The house on the left is Corsupul at Gruinart.

Here are some Barnacle geese at Lyrabus, Gruinart today out grazing in the pastures before the next storm comes along.

This was taken just at sunset today from Claddach. The watery sun cast a red glow across the stormy sea in between squalls. The air was full of salt spray. What a beautiful light a truely wonderful show of nature at its best! No filters used on any of these pictures I am sending you. All the colour of Islay's light.

Heres the final wave picture from Portnahaven today. The 3 photos i've sent you are all taken within an hour. They reflect the ever changing light... its truely amazing every few minutes is a new scene created by the lightshow! The setting sun is just catching the lighthouse and fog horn amidst the saltspray.

Here's another shot taken from the Ardnave Road at sunrise yesterday. Snow showers the previous night had left a layer of light snow frozen by a severe frost. A brief glimpse of the sunrise over Loch Gruinart was soon replaced with a snow storm blowing in from the south west. The distant hills show light overnight snow.

Port Charlotte New Year celebrations. After all those chilly and wild winter images heres a cheery fire to warm us all up with some peats. May I wish you and all the islayinfo.com readers a very Happy New Year from Islay Wildscapes. Hope to meet you on Islay soon !

Many thanks Teresa for the stunning pictures and comments! I really whished I was there. More Islay Winter pictures are available in a new Islay Winter Album in the Media Gallery.

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