Wild Islay Sea Pictures by James Deane

The regular reader may have noticed that the steady flow of Islay blog posts here on Islay Info is slowing down a wee bit at the moment. That doesn't mean there is nothing to write about the island. The author of this blog is extremely busy with the startup of a new e-commerce website which has, however, nothing to do with Islay. We will start with a new venture which is the online sale of Nutcrackers, Candle Arches, Christmas Pyramids and other Christmas related fine woodcraft from Manuela's home region, the Ore Mountains in Germany. Getting everything up and running is a very time consuming process, hence the slow down here.

Fortunately James Deane came to the rescue and sent me a set of stunning wild sea images to celebrate the "Rebirth" of his new website and blog. James has been thinking about, and working on his new site for a long time and the result is beautiful. In a rotating gallery he shows fabulous pictures and explains what his photography is all about. Furthermore there are updated public galleries, it is now easier to buy prints and understand options, there is updated wedding photography, different styling and theme and a new blog with the promise that James tries to update it once a week. Please have a look at www.jamesdeanephotography.com and enjoy the stunning photography. Below are images of the wild seas at Portnahaven taken last week by James when it was quite windy as you can see in this Youtube video as well!

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