Wild Islay Birding - Wildlife Tours on Islay

After Jeremy Hastings of islay Birding left the island, now some five years ago, there was nobody who followed him up, at least not straight away. Becky Williamson started Islay Welly Walks a few years later but she left the island two years ago. The only "official" wildlife guide right now is DJ MacPhee who runs Islay Outdoors. On an island with such an abundance of wildlife there was certainly a need for another business doing wildlife and birding tours on the island. And here came Gary Turnbull, a former Police Officer from Glasgow and bird nerd since his early years. Gary has started up a new business recently called Wild Islay Birding and I've asked him for a wee introduction:

"Hello, I am Gary Turnbull and I have started a new wildlife tourism business on Islay, Wild Islay Birding. This is a guiding service for visitors to the island to show them the wonderful bird and wildlife which abounds here. I have visited Islay for sometime and retired here last year with my partner Samantha, she works at the Islay Woolen Mill. We came to Islay for the wildlife and met some very nice people and decided to move here permanently. " Continue reading...

"We have settled in making friends and getting established in the community and looking to start a business. I have been a birder all my life and when out and about birdwatching on the island I have met visiting birders who ask if there is anyone guiding on the island so I decided to give it a go. We are now up and running so if you have guests or enquiries about a wildlife guiding I can be contacted to take people out. "

For more information check out Gary's new website www.wildislaybirding.co.uk where you'll find information about his full and half day tours, prices and contact information.

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