Wild and Wet Autumn Day on Islay

When you come to Islay in October it is not realistic to expect a lot of sunny and warm days although this month usually has some nice surprises for its visitors. What you can expect every now and then is a bit of wild weather and I happen to be one of those people who love this kind of weather. The stronger the winds and the heavier the showers and the brighter the sunny periods in between the better I feel. When a day like that is forecasted, especially with strong winds from the south or west, you can almost certainly find me in Port Wemyss or Portnahaven. The view over Portnahaven Bay during strong winds and the incoming waves are fabulous.

A Walker below the waves

This Autumn I was lucky enough to have such a day. We arrived in Porthaven at noon in apalling weather and stopped in a layby to watch the waves and a few brave walkers who were out to admire the waves as well. When the rains stopped we headed over to Port Wemyss and halfway Portnahaven we were welcomed by half an hour of beautiful sunshine and bright spells. We arrived back at the car just before the next shower arrived which gave the landscape a grim appearance and a lot of rain. What a place! Continue reading....

Orsay seen from Claddach

Waves near Port Wemyss

Rhinns Lighthouse

Port Wemyss

Beautiful light during a bright spell

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