Why Should you go to Islay?

I can think of hundreds of reasons why you should make the journey and enjoy the fabulous Isle of Islay. I won't mention them here though, the reasons are scattered all over this blog and the Islay Info website so you can easily check for yourself. I want to show you a video tonight of someone called Paddyo11. He or she made a video of Islay and wrote: "A video about the scottish island of Islay, and why you should go there." I wasn't too keen on the music but the images make up for that. I saw some interesting images of Kilchoman cottages and church, a crowded Kilchoman beach, I think I spotted 10 people or more, and there are some nice images of an otter. Enjoy!

I will publish the ferry name poll results tomorrow, together with a couple of really old and nostalgic black and white images I received from a friend on Islay. Well worth coming back for!

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