Who Owns Islay Revisited

I've written about who owns Islay before, perhaps you remember the website www.whoownsscotland.org.uk. I came across this website again yesterday when I was working on the Estates of Islay page and wrote about Callumkill Estate. When I wrote about this site, owned by Andy Wightman, in 2007 for the first time, there were already some problems with the maps and not long after that the site was almost stripped of all the map material, which was due to copyright problems.

When I revisited the site yesterday I found out that it had received a complete redesign with new map material and was relaunched as a subscription based website. If you want to find out everything that happened up to this very moment I can recommend the history section. All I know is that it's good to see the site back online. It currently holds information about 1700 landholdings covering 9,066,382 acres of Scotland, which is at least 70% of the land area of Scotland. Continue reading.....

Back in 2007 the site gave very detailed information about each landowner listed on the site, today you can only see the name of the estate and the county it's in. Because of earlier mentioned copyright problems Andy had to purchase licenses and ever since the relaunch of the site you can only obtain this detailed information if you're a paying member. Private users can subscribe from £5 per month or £10 per year, which is relative cheap if you consider the amount of information you can retrieve.

If you want to find out more about landowners on Islay you can use the map or search form and find out that large parts of Islay are owned by only a few landowners, especially in the north, centre and east of the island. You can identify each landowner on the map (top right) by its unique colour. These large landowners are Islay estate, Laggan estate, Ardtalla estate and Dunlossit estate. More information on these large estates can be found on the estates on Islay page. An interesting detail is that a relatively small part of the island, the Rhinns, is owned by more landowners than the other larger part of the island. All in all a very valuable resource if you're interested in who owns Islay.

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