White Tailed Sea Eagle on Islay Mobbed by Crows

Today was one of those days, it was sunny at times and there was hardly any wind, quite a relief after the rainy and windy days of lately. It makes you wonder sometimes how the birds of prey survive during such terrible weather. Already yesterday, when I was out to Caol Ila, the weather improved and I had spotted more than 8 Buzzards on my way from Portnahaven. Today we did the circular walk from Portnahaven to Claddach. With the story above in mind I decided to mount my tele lens on the camera and presto! Just as we walked back from the Wavegen Powerstation a White Tailed Sea Eagle appeared from over MacKenzie Island and flew north right in front of us. Despite the bad light conditions I managed to get a few nice pictures. Just as the Eagle passed in front of us a few Hooded Crows appeared from behing a hill and started to mob the Eagle, see picture 2. A split-second later one of the Hooded Crows actually engaged in a fight with the Eagle as you can see from the third picture before they disappeared behind the dunes. Exciting moments when you're witnessing the scene from behind a camera. As I'm not such a keen birder I believe this is a White Tailed Sea Eagle but I'm not 100% sure, it could have been a Golden Eagle as well. If anyone knows exactly what it is please let me know, thanks!

The Eagle flies directly in front of us heading north

The Hooded Crows appear and start to mob the Eagle

One of the Crows engage in a fight with the Eagle

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