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White and Magic Winter on Islay

This week has been a paradise for those, including me, who enjoy wild and changeable winter weather. It was quite a week if you consider what nature has thrown upon us. About a week ago we had high winds followed by hail and snow on Tuesday. The northern part of Islay had a couple of inches snow. One day later the weather was still very wild with a lot of wind and heavy thunder storms. Thursday followed with severe gales and then on Friday the calmer weather started but was later followed by hail and snow showers. And again later into the night and into the following day (Saturday), a layer of snow appeared in some parts of Islay, the most over higher grounds and in the north-eastern part of the island.

This morning, Saturday, we walked near Loch Skerrols when another heavy snow shower started with very low clouds and mist over the central part of Islay. It gave the landscape a very moody and lovely wintry atmosphere. Later in the morning the snow and low clouds disappeared and the sun came out for an hour or so, it was magic! Below some views from the moment we left this morning, around 10am, until we returned at 1pm. It really was White and Magic Islay.

Showers and snow on the hills early this morning

Sheep in a white field near Loch Skerrols

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Clearing low clouds and snow

Getting sunnier, looking north from the Scarrabus Road

Looking west from the Scarrabus road

North of Loch Skerrols

Snow on the hills seen from Gortan, north of Bruichladdich

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