Die Whiskyinsel Islay vor Schottlands Küste

Although the German language is no secret to me I realise that many of the readers of this Islay Blog won't understand much of what is said in this 43 minute German spoken documentary. So why post it? The interviews are in English and the beautiful views need no translation and besides that, there are quite a few German readers of the Islay Info Blog :-)

I've seen this documentary many times and consider it to be one of the best documentaries made about Islay. Translated the title means "The Whisky Island of Islay off the Scottish Coast." The documentary is around ten years old and produced by Florian Huber for German television. In the video you can see Toby Roxburgh as Ileach Editor, Brian Palmer as a member of the Islay Pipe Band and many others. Enjoy!

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