Whisky for Girls by Wild and Magic Islay

Whisky for Girls is a section of Wild and Magic Islay travel co. run by Rachel MacNeill. On the weekend of April 21st Whisky for Girls were invited to the London Whisky Festival, organized by the Whisky Lounge. One of the organisers, Miss Whisky, had invited Rachel to participate in a Women & Whisky workshop. The workshop consisted of two panels of three women from the whisky industry. The women would talk about their place in the industry, how they saw it changing for women, and present a dram for tasting. Rachel chose to present Black Art 3rd edition from Bruichladdich. This is a 22 years old deep rose coloured, rich fruity dram. It is billed as the ‘sexiest whisky in the world’.

Rachel MacNeill & Bruichladdich Black Art

Rachel said: "I chose this dram as I thought it’s name matches well with Wild and Magic Islay. Also, I thought offering women a dram of the sexiest whisky in the world was a good place to start. I wanted to showcase a dram that challenges the received notion of a malt whisky". Whisky for Girls were in great company on the panel, sitting along side Deirdra McBeth from Jameson and having Kirstie McCallum from BurnStewart on the earlier panel, to name but a few. Whisky for Girls came into being last year when a friend from Germany was visiting for the Islay Whisky Festival. Rachel realised that the whisky industry could sometimes be perceived as rather an "exclusive gentleman’s club". Continue reading...

Rachel said, "I decided I wanted to make whisky more accessible to women, so, I created a Washbacks to Slingbacks Whisky Tour. I also created a website called www.whiskyforgirls.com which explores whisky in relation to other things in life. I am lucky in that I come from Islay and have been around whisky and the distilleries all my life. In a way I would say I previously took it all for granted. I am now exploring whisky and writing about it for the website. I am developing a whisky categorisation called Dram Architecture (copyright Rachel MacNeill) and I hope to run workshops in Islay over the summer where I will showcase two or three different Malts and give them the Dram Architecture treatment. These events will be open to everyone, men and women, it’s not just Whisky for Girls!"

The Whisky Girls in London

If anyone would like to know more please get in touch with Rachel. She loves to hear from you. You can contact her by email: rachel@wildandmagicislay.com. Whisky and Islay Tours are available from www.wildandmagicislay.com and www.whiskyforgirls.com


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