Whisky Auctions from Islay

A new whisky related business is starting up on Islay and as the title says, it's called Islay Whisky Auctions. The owners are local fisherman Jonathan Farrell and his wife Katy from Port Ellen. Jonathan and Katy were kind enough to send me an introduction for the blog. Jonathan: "I am a fisherman who is born and bred on Islay and have lived here all my life. I never enjoyed school and was always more interested in going to sea to lift my creels than getting on the school bus to go and sit my exams! By the time I left school at 16 I already had my own fishing boat and have owned various boats over the years as well as working on my dad's scalloper. I have now had my own successful scallop fishing vessel for the past 6 years but have never been happy just having one venture on the go and am always looking for the next big thing.

"My other passion is collecting Islay Whisky and I saw the opportunity to combine the two. I know that there are several other online whisky sites operating in Scotland but I have identified an opening and a demand for a site based on Islay. I think it will take us a while to establish ourselves but I'm sure I will succeed, along with my wife who will take care of the day to day running of the business and who has already put in a lot of time and effort to get the website up and running. I also have the support of the local community and my family and have several family members who work in the local distilleries and are able to pass on their knowledge of the local whisky industry to me. Continue reading....

"I don't just want to run an online auction - I already have bigger ambitions for the site which will make it stand out from all the rest, so look out for what's coming next! I want to help other local businesses to thrive and promote Islay as a world class tourist destination. I have already linked up with a local courier company who is going to deliver the whisky for me and hope to offer low cost advertising for local businesses through the website in the future. The fishing industry here on Islay has been very good to me over the years and I would like to give something back to the island as it's such a beautiful place to live"

The new business has a new website which is already live and can be found here: www.islaywhiskyauctions.com. The first auction will run from 10th - 15th December 2013. If you'd like to join you can contact Jonathan and Katy by email on enquiries@islaywhiskyauctions.com or by Tel: 01496 300548.

Update Jul 2015: Islay Whisky auctions have stopped trading.

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