Wet and Windy too on Islay

Another severe storm is affecting Islay and the west of Scotland although it looks like the heaviest winds have left the island at the moment of writing. The MetOffice reported at 12:35 "Gusts of 105mph have been reported at Malin Head; 102mph Edinburgh, Blackford Hill; 97mph Islay; 97mph at Salsburgh; 92mph Macrihanish; 92mph Drumalbin and 91mph Glasgow, Bishopton Airport. Much of the rest of the UK is also experiencing very windy conditions, gusting 84mph at Portland Bill; 79mph at Leuchars; 78mph St Bees Head and 69mph at Mumbles."

The ferries were cancelled this morning and there will be a review later on to see if the remaining ferries will sail later today. Check the Calmac website for updates. Below are a few captures from Twitter which indicate that this particular storm was even heavier than the previous ones:

Some believe the Mayans forecast the end of the world on 21 December 2012. Today's storm makes you wonder if they just got their date wrong. (Scotland)

The bad weather over the last month felt like a slight breeze compared to what's happening outside right now Nature at her wildest. (from Bowmore)

We've lived in this house for over 20 years and that's the first time we've experienced any roof damage. and it's been pretty windy before. (from Bowmore)

Update: There has been storm damage as well. A picture was posted by Andrew Jackson on Twitter showing the Pagoda top blown off Bowmore Distillery. Gavin Campbell posted an image of a damaged roof of Ramsay Hall in Port Ellen. Gavin described the place to be a "bomb site".

Serious Storm Damage to Ramsay Hall in Port Ellen - via John Shaw

The image is courtesy of Nicola from Portnahaven

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