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Westering Home to Islay

Gigabytes of film shot in the last years have finally been turned into a very nice new video showing the beauty of Islay. The thing with videos is that they take time, lots of time to complete, and some experience too with the software, iMovie for the Mac in this case. After a few test runs in the last weeks with the Islay Welcome Evening, Sanaigmore Bay and a Rainy Day on Islay I've now created a new video. The video starts in high speed but wait when you have arrived in Port Askaig with the ferry and enter "Islay Time", then you are in for a treat. The second part of the video is reserved for quiet guitar music and lovely island views while the third part of the video shows pictures and video accompanied by the beautiful song "Westering Home" performed by Norma Munro. This song by the way is written in the 1920s by Hugh S. Roberton. If you like to sing along you can find the lyrics below the video. Enjoy!

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Westering Home
Westering home and a song in the air
Light in the eye and its goodbye to care
Laughter o' love and a welcoming there
Isle of my heart my own land

Tell me a tale of the Orient gay
Tell me of riches that come from Cathay
Ah but it's grand to be waken at day
And find oneself nearer to Islay

Where are the folks like the folks of the west
Canty and couthy and kindly, our best
There I would hie me and there I would rest
At home with my own folks in Islay

Now I'm at home and at home I do lay
Dreaming of riches that come from Cathay
I'll hop a good ship and be on my way
And bring back my fortune to Islay.

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