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One of our favourite places on Islay to sit and watch the world go by is definitely Debbie's Minimarket in Bruichladdich. We have spent many happy moments sitting outside on the terrace, admiring the wonderful and always changing views while sipping our great coffees. Fortunately the weather was pleasant enough to enjoy our coffee sitting outside but when the weather let's you down you can sit comfortably inside as well. Besides the great coffee the minimarket offers an excellent selection of (organic) foods and often we found things in the minimarket which are not for sale in the other shops on Islay. Newspapers are on sale as well and the minimarket is also the village post office. Debbie's Minimarket is also the approved coffee stop of Velo Club d'Ardbeg who you are likely to meet on Sunday mornings.

When I was over at the Ileach office, brian showed me a webpage he created for the Minimarket called www.welcometogreatcoffee.co.uk. The page shows a picture of the shop's interior with Debbie making one of her fine coffees and you will find more information about the shop itself. So next time you're on Islay and enter the village of Bruichladdich watch out for the sign below.

The view from the terrace and sign on the side of the road

Sunday morning at Debbie's, good fun!

Junior members of the Velo Club D'Ardbeg

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