A Warm Islay Welcome

While the rain is ticking on the windows we find ourselves in a comfortable and warm home in Portnahaven. We are gradually getting back to normality after our move to Islay, which was quite turbulent to say the least. The welcome however was heartwarming. Many Ileach welcomed us on their island and everyone we met has been most kind to get us started in our new lives here. So far so good! Portnahaven is a fabulous village to live in and we've already made some beautiful walks and enjoyed some amazing sunsets and sunrises. For us this part of the island was one we never stayed for longer than a couple of hours during a day-time visit, but now we can really experience "life on the edge" being so close to the sea and exposed to the wild Atlantic weather. Speaking of which, so far the weather has been very kind to us. We had an amazing quiet and sunny spell of weather although right now it seems to be gradually changing to weather patterns more fitting to this time of year. Not that we mind, we are actually looking forward to some wild weather and I will happily share images and videos of the winter storms that are likely, and hopefully, to hit this side of the island. For now I'll post some stunning views of our first week on our wee corner of the island!

Houses on King Street lit up by the sunset

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Stunning sunset over Portnahaven

Our beacon in the dark nights, the Rhinns Lighthouse

A beautiful dawn

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