Walking to Ardnave Point Islay

Time for another great Islay walk, perhaps one of the best there is but then again, there are so many beautiful walks and each of them offer something different. But if dunes, sea, wildlife, islands off the coast and magnificent views are your thing you should read on. To start this walk you need to drive to the RSPB Loch Gruinart and turn right, or left depending from which direction your travelling, to Ardnave, this is signposted. Follow this single track road all the way to the end and park on the grass right from the track. From here you can start a circular walk of 3 1/2 miles or you can walk to Ardnave point and back the same way which is slightly shorter. It's best to choose a clear day to get the best views.

The walk over the working farm starts at the sandy track and the walk to Ardnave Point is marked with signs. Be aware of the cattle and keep your dog under control while following the track heading north and you are in for a treat. The dunes and views over Loch Gruinart on your right are beautiful and after 45 minutes or so you're at Ardnave Point where you see the high dunes. It's woth climbing the dunes to get a good overview of the area. The breathtaking views from here include Nave Island and chapel, the cliffs at Sanaigmore, the Isle of Colonsay, Jura, the north of Islay and a whole lot of ocean. This walk is also very interesting from a wildlife point of view since you are most likely to see Chough since they prefer to feed in short grass on beetles and grubs they find in cow pats. Other wildlife you can see are otters, dolphins, seals and many other (sea)birds. When I was there I heard, and saw, many seals on Nave Island and was accompanied all the way by singing Larks, what a joy!

Track to Ardnave Point

Ardnave Point looking towards Islay and Jura

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Nave Island from the Beach

View from Ardnave Point to Sanaigmore Cliffs

View from Dunes to Nave Island and Colonsay

View over Loch Gruinart

View to Paps of Jura from Dunes at Loch Gruinart

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