Walking to Machir Bay and Grannies Rock Islay

After our stunning walk on the Big Strand we were in the mood for another beach walk yesterday. The weather started off grey but halfway the morning patches of blue sky appeared and we had another beautiful sunny afternoon, although we did see some showers here and there around us. We decided to head to the Atlantic west coast of Islay to try and walk to Grannies Rock, quite a challenge with a 3yr old girl.

Machir Bay, or Kilchoman Beach, can be reached from the main road to Bruichladdich. Around a mile before Bruichladdich coming from Bridgend there's a sign to Kilchoman Distillery and Cemetary. Turn right here and follow the road until you reach a bumpy track just beyond the white terraced houses on your left. At the end of the track, some 200 metres, is a parking place. From here you can cross the burn and access the beach. Although a wee bit busier than the Big Strand, you will usually find only a few people here. On the beach go left (south) and walk all the way down to the end of the beach. Here you'll have to walk up the dunes, pass the gate(s) and follow the track all the way up. You can see Grannies Rock on your left, some 400 metres from the top. If you continue walking, over the top and right through the gate, you end up at Kilchiaran Farm (see map. The views from the track over Machir Bay and the Atlantic are very rewarding. I think this is one of the nicest short walks (2 to 3 miles) on Islay and chapeau to Annika, she made it without any complaints.

Tropical Colours on Kilchoman Beach

View on Machir Bay

Shower on the Atlantic Ocean

Passing Shower over Kilchoman Beach

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