Walk and Explore Islay

Walking is an excellent way (except for those who prefer to race over the island by bike) to discover the beauty of Islay, and it keeps you fit while doing so. Did you know that walking helps to maintain muscle mass and strength, helps against stress and strengthen bones to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Walking also helps to massage blood vessels to maintain elasticity, improves HDL (good cholesterol), increases heart volume, heart pumping capacity, total body oxygen capacity, total body oxygen consumption and cardiovascular endurance. All the more reason to go out and enjoy the splendour Islay has to offer.

Thursday was the launch of a new and attractive Islay website from the Islay Community Access Group. For those who don't know who they are and what they do, the following quote from their new website explains a lot:

Islay Community Access Group (ICAG) was formed in 2001 to help provide a link between land managers and the general public in parts of Islay where there was the possibility of conflict between the two. In particular, we:
  • Improve public access while safeguarding land management.
  • Promoting the health benefits of walking and encourage more people to enjoy Islay's outdoors.
  • Provide guided walks in the form of Walkaboutabit and Walkaboutabitmore.

  • The ICAG gives information on their website about current projects in the news section together with important guidelines about how and where to walk in relation to live stock when you access farm land. A diary with upcoming walking events, a work in progress section with improvements made on walkways and accessibility, a photo section which will soon contain many pictures and a section called 'about us' with contact details and background information about the Group.

    The most important section however is of course the 'access route' part of the website. This is the part where nine very interesting walking routes are explained with detailed information and maps. There is something for everyone, from short lovely walks to Saligo and Machir Bay to stunning walks along Loch Gruinart and Ardnave Point. The site is made in a print-friendly format which makes it easy to print a copy of the walks before taking off.

    Access the Islay Community Access Group website here.

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