Walk Islay 2014 Information and Programme

In less than a month the annual walking festival on Islay takes place, organised by the Islay and Jura marketing group. The first walk will take place on Sunday 13th of April, the last on on Friday the 18th of April. The walks will take place on Islay as well as on Jura, Colonsay and the Isle of Texa. The walks are open to everyone and they cover anything between easy and strenuous so there is something for everyone. There will be a total of 11 walks in six days covering most of the beautiful scenery Islay has to offer, including beaches, hills, woodlands, lochs and moors.

A fee of £4 will be charged for each walk (except Texa at £12). The cost of a return foot passenger to Jura is £3.20 and to Colonsay £7.90. Refreshments as well as suitable footwear and clothing are strongly recommended. The organisation kindly asks you not to bring your dog due to the presence of livestock with young across the islands.

There will be other entertaining as well during the week. Thursday 17th there will be a Walk Islay Farewell Supper. All walkers are welcome to enjoy a farewell supper from 7.00pm onwards at the ICCI Bowmore. There is also Live Music on Sunday and Wednesday evening at the Port Charlotte Hotel and Friday evening at the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen.

The full Walk Islay Programma is available as PDF download. If you require further information on walkislay, telephone Bonnie Wood on 01496 300094 or email footsteps@walkislay.co.uk

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