A Walk at the Edge of the World

A Walk at the Edge of the World is a new production by Magnetic North, inspired by the act of walking. The performance begins with the audience going for a short walk together and continues with an illustrated talk about the narrator's memories of different walks he has taken. During the talk, the narrator leads the audience along the many paths his mind followed as he walked and the talk leaps from subject to subject, mirroring the way the mind works when there is time only to think. Themes of family, grief and memory appear as the narrator comes to understand that the past is always with us, whether we realise it or not.

Presented by Islay Arts Association, the Act of Walking is coming to Islay on Saturday 21 June at 8pm at the Outback Gallery Sanaigmore. Tickets are available on the door. For more info contact Islay Arts Association on 01496 860216 or visit www.magneticnorth.org.uk

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