Islay Visitors Welcome Evenings 2010

The Islay and Jura Tourism and Marketing Group are continuing with the very successfull visitors' welcome evenings in 2010. These welcome evenings take place on Monday nights at eight, starting in April to the end of October, and will be held on different locations on Islay, but mainly at the distilleries. This years first welcome evening will be held at April the 5th at the RSPB Loch Guinart and the last one will take place on 18 October at Bowmore Distillery.

The evenings are presented by someone from the marketing group and very much worth visiting, even for those who visit Islay regularly. Admission is free. I have attended one of these evenings at the Bunnahabhain distillery back in 2007 and it turned out to be a heart warming evening. We started off exactly at eight (try to be there in time) and the room was quickly occupied by more than 25 people. The evening started off with a highland dance, followed by a young lad playing the bagpipes. After these two performances someone from the RSPB gave a slideshow presentation about Islay's wildlife which was very interesting. The presentation lasted almost 45 minutes and the evening ended around 9.30 with a raffle, a dram and a delicious clootie dumpling. If you want to attend one of the visitors' welcome evenings you can find the times and places in the Ileach, the fortnightly local newspaper for Islay and Jura, on the Ileach website or in the Islay Weblog events calendar. I have also created a PDF file for your convenience containing all the 2010 dates. This file is available from the download section or by clicking here

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